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Re: Kate Upton: Babe of the week #8 (Feb. 2012)

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I'm sure her career was helped by the fact that her uncle is a U.S. Congressman.'re saying she lobbied? Or he did?
No direct lobbying would be needed. Magazine editors know the value of having a close relative of a high-level politician strip down to a bikini. We're not exactly talking about a president's daughter, but I'm sure it got her foot in the door.
Eh, I doubt it's anything so direct. The more likely scenario is that, coming from a wealthy family -- the Uptons are the heirs to the Whirlpool Corporation fortune -- Kate would have been able to get a lot of introductions and make connections early on in life. Rich families tend to be well-connected, after all. Having been born rich, she would also naturally have been in a better position to gain good nutrition and health care early on in life, and to expend resources to keep herself in good physical condition.

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"This model who attended our casting call today, she has the same last name as a lowly congressman that people in 49 states have never heard of before. If they're related, we have to sign her up immediately! We can totally exploit this connection by never mentioning it!"
Fred Upton's the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. He ain't lowly.
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