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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 6: Part 3

The four appeared in a large cave, filled with various furnishings and containers of food.
“Cool,” Elias said.

“More like hell,” Christine said.

“It’s somewhere,” Shannon said.

“We’re where we were, just in the emerald. It seems to be like a TARDIS. Bigger on the inside than the outside,” Elias said.

“That’s right,” Jean said, remembering the few episodes of Doctor Who she had seen in the sixties.

“That’s right,” Jean said.

“Probably,” Christine said.

“Elias to Judith.”

No response.

“Elias Howarth to Judith Lake, come in.”

“Return us to the O’Reilly’s place!” Christine demanded.

“We are at the O’Reilly’s place,” Jean said, hoping that Christine would listen to reason.

“No we’re not!”

Meanwhile, Joey and Jeffy arrived outside the library. Quinn immediately came up to their car. “Finally,” she said. “Let’s go back to my place,” she said.

“Sure, Quinn,” Jeffy said.

“Sure, Quinn,” Joey said.

“I’m driving!” Jeffy said.

“Guys! No fighting while driving! Now, tell me what has been happening. One at a time,” Quinn said as she got in the back.

“Um, sure,” Jeffy said as he got back into the driver’s seat.

After a few minutes at the Youth Group, Sam decided to wish himself home. He then did that and reappeared in the game room where he and Jean had been playing chess.

“Now we are at 512 Grandstaff Drive,” Jean said.

“Make up your mind!” Christine said.

“Sam wished himself home,” Jean said.

“Elias to Louisa, Elias Howarth to Louisa Moore, come in please!”

Sam rubbed the emerald. Jean came out. “Want to continue our game?” she asked.

“Sure,” Sam said.

“Elias to Nicole. Elias Howarth to Nicole Jameson. Elias to Sandi, Elias Howarth to Sandi Griffin. Elias to Quinn, Elias Howarth to Scarlett Hawkins-Le Faye! If anyone can hear please respond.”
He then thought about the possibility that the signal couldn’t get out of the emerald.

“We are quite obviously out of range, Elias!” Christine said.

“No, we aren’t, there’s interference,” Elias said.

‘Elias is deluded,’ Christine thought.

“Checkmate,” Jean said, taking Sam’s remaining pawn with her Queen and blocking the King into a corner.

“It was a good game,” Sam said.

“Aren’t you going to wish those others out?” Jean asked.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“You know; Elias and his two youth group friends,” Jean said.

“Oh,” Sam said. ‘I thought she would do it herself,’ he thought. He then wished the trio out of the emerald.

“Thanks, Sam,” Elias said.

“This is not the O’Reilly’s!” Christine exclaimed.

“No, it’s the Griffin’s,” Jean said.

“Send me to the O’Reilly’s!” Christine pouted.

“Not with that attitude,” Elias said.

“I agree,” Jean said.

“Oh! You’re impossible!” Christine said.

“No, I’m not,” Elias said.

Christine made a noise of annoyance and stormed out. She stormed out of the game room in a huff...

“So, a game of chess?” Sam asked Elias.

“Sure, why not?” Elias said, he and Shannon didn’t really need to be back at the O’Reilly’s for a while.

“Are you sure?” Shannon asked.

“Yes,” Elias said.

Quinn, Jeffy and Joey arrived back at the Morgendorffers. Daria, Jane and Stacy met Quinn at the door. “What has happened since you left school, Quinn?” Stacy asked.

“Fill us in,” Jane said.

“What they said,” Daria said.

“I’ll tell you in the kitchen,” Quinn said. Daria and Jane stepped aside and Stacy hugged Quinn. “Um, Stacy? Give me some space here!”

“Sorry!” Stacy said. She let go and backed up.

“So, why didn’t you call, Quinn?” Helen asked, when Quinn entered the kitchen.

“Sorry, I was focusing on the information that I was looking up. I can see why Daria is so into her books,” Quinn said.

“It runs in the family,” Helen said.

“It does!” Quinn exclaimed.

“Yes, I practically poured over all information I could find about the Legal System when I was a teenager. I knew I was going to be a lawyer from ninth grade,” Helen said.

“I’m still not sure,” Quinn said.

“Not everyone is, Quinn. Anyway, Amy was practically obsessive about her interests. Even Rita, in her own way, until she discovered boys...” Helen said.

“I see, so the way I focus on Fashion...”

“That’s similar to my interest in the Law,” Helen said.

“OK,” Quinn said.

“So fill us in on what happened since Tiffany got here this morning,” Helen said.

“Since this morning?” Quinn asked.

“Yes, we would like to hear your perspective,” Jane said.

“And then learn what had happened between you leaving school and when you called,” Daria said.

“OK...” Quinn said. She then began to speak about her experiences in her usual babbling way.

“Checkmate,” Elias said bringing his game with Sam to a close.

“I guess I’m still rusty,” Sam said.

“Practice makes perfect,” Elias said.

“True, but Chris isn’t interested. He’s more interested in computer games,” Sam said.

“What about at school?” Elias asked.

“I’m in the Chess club, but I haven’t been in there long,” Sam said.

“Then that will give you the practice,” Elias said.

Sam thought for a moment. “OK,” he said.

Elias turned to Shannon, who was in the game room, reading a book. “Ready to go back to the O’Reilly’s ?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” Shannon said.

“Let’s go,” Elias said.

“What of Christine?” Shannon asked.

“She’s already long gone,” Elias said.

“Ok, bye, Sam,” Shannon said.

“Bye,” Sam said.

Elias grabbed the emerald and wished them back to the O’Reilly’s...

Elias and Shannon reappeared in a deserted area of the O’Reilly’s house. Deserted that is, except for one person. “So, Elias Howarth, you have the emerald,” Daniel Herron said.

“What is it to you?” Elias asked, recognising his fellow Lawndale High student.

“You don’t know what you’re dealing with!” Daniel said.

“And you do?” Elias asked.

“Not really, but better than you?”

“What do you mean?” Shannon asked.

“I don’t need to answer you,” Daniel said, he then rushed Elias and grabbed the emerald. After a brief struggled he pulled, causing the necklace to break. “Don’t think of following me!” He dashed out a nearby door.

“I’ll take the risk,” Elias said.

“I will too,” Shannon said as she started moving.

Daniel looked back and saw Elias and Shannon exit the house after him. He turned and said “Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I wish for a moderate Earthquake in Lawndale! Epicentere, right here!”

“No!” Elias said. ‘First a tornado and now this? How many people are going to be wishing for natural disasters?”

“Too late,” Daniel said as the wish granting sound was heard and the wish ripples went down into the ground... He took the opportunity to continue running.

Christine had just reached the end of Grandstaff Drive when the quake struck. ‘This isn’t good!’ she thought. She turned around and headed back in the direction of the Griffin residence.

At Penton Hall, Jeremy was knocked to the floor by the Earthquake. ‘Oh no! Exactly as in Smithton! The emerald has been stolen at a Church Youth Group!’ he thought. He didn’t know where to look, as he knew the Youth Group wouldn’t be at the Church in question.

The quake came to an end after about ten seconds. He decided to head downstairs to the Block 2 balcony to see if anyone else would be discussing the quake and the other events that had happened in Lawndale that day.

Jeremy arrived at the balcony. “I tell you, something weird is happening, and we need to know what it is,” Lindy Weaver said.

“I don’t doubt it, but it could just be a coincidence,” Josiah Kelly said.

“What are you discussing?” Jeremy asked.

“The strange events that have been happening in Lawndale today,” Lindy said.

“I have noticed them too. I also see a connection to a series of events in Smithton back in 1993!” Jeremy said.

“That’s just a series of Ohio-centric urban legends,” Josiah said dismissively.

“They aren’t just urban legends, Josiah. I was there! They happened.”

“What are these urban legends?” Lindy asked.

“That there was a genie, and a group of teenagers fought against the forces of evil to destroy it, in Smithton, Ohio, back in 1993!” Josiah said.

“Exactly,” Jeremy said.

“This is ridiculous,” Josiah said.

“I don’t know, Josiah, he sounds like he’s telling the truth,” Lindy said.

“OK, Josiah, Lindy, have I ever told ‘tall tales,’ like this, before?”Jeremy asked.

Lindy and Josiah both thought.

“You haven’t, really, but how do you know the truth about those events?” Josiah asked.

“Because I was one of those teenagers caught up in the events,” Jeremy said.

“That’s interesting,” Lindy said.

“So what do we do about what’s happening?” Josiah asked.

“We’ll wait until tomorrow. Early in the morning, a mountain of food is going to appear somewhere in Lawndale. Then we’re going to look for the emerald close to that pile of food,” Jeremy said.

“So, it’s an emerald, rather than a lamp?” Lindy asked.

“Yes, a rather small jewel emerald, with a clasp with which it can be clipped onto a necklace or bracelet,” Jeremy said.

“So, why not now? Wasn’t there an earthquake in Smithton back in ’93?” Josiah asked.

“There was a quake in Smithton in 93, and there was a pile of food appearing early the next day. The pile of food will be our opportunity to nip the whole sequence of events in the bud,” Jeremy said.

“Ok,” Josiah said. They agreed to go into Lawndale as soon as the pile of food appeared...

Schloss Morgendorffer
Quinn stopped her description of the events at lunch as the Quake struck.

“Earthquake!” Helen said.

“Earthquake! But Lawndale is nowhere near a faultline!” Jake said, as everyone attempted to scramble to the nearest doorframes.

Mystik Spiral took up the kitchen-dining room door frame. “Hmm, I wonder if this will cancel our gig,” Trent said.

Quinn, Stacy, Tiffany, Joey and Jeffy took up the sliding door from the kitchen into the yard. “I hope there’s not too much damage!” Stacy said.

Helen, Jake, Daria, Jane and Frances dove beneath the kitchen table. “Most likely,” Jane said, in response to Trent.

Tom and Tananda went to the door between the kitchen and the laundry room. The quake soon finished.

“That was unexpected,” Daria said.

“And yet if someone can wish a tornado, someone else would wish for an earthquake,” Jane said.

“Somehow, I think you’re right,” Daria said.

“We better inspect the damage. We’ll get to the rest of Quinn’s report once that’s done,” Helen said.

“Let’s get started,” Daria said as she got up.

“Sure,” Jane said.

Cedars of Lawndale
“Yikes!” Keith said when the Quake struck.

“Quake!” Kristen said at her normal speed. She rolled off the bed and jumped beneath, followed by Keith.

After the quake finished, they clambered out. “This is serious!” Kristen said.

“I agree,” Keith said.

Burns Residence
Jennifer was online, looking at various news sites when the quake struck. “Eep!” She dived beneath the computer desk. ‘This isn’t good,’ she thought.

Once the quake subsided she clambered out. ‘What now?’ she thought.

Brolsma Residence
Cindy was playing Baldur’s Gate when the quake struck. She immediately stopped playing and dashed to her bedroom doorway. ‘This isn’t good,’ she thought.
When the quake was over she went downstairs to see if the rest of her family was ok.

Bateman Residence
When the quake struck, Corey was going down the stairs. He slipped and landed on his behind. “Ow!” When it finished he continued down the stairs, carefully.

Landon Residence
The Landons were in their living room when the quake began. “Quake!” Andrew shouted.

Michelle grabbed Evan and ran to the nearest door frame.

“This has to do with that genie,” Jodie said from where she and Rachel had gone for cover.

“Unfortunately, I agree with you,” Andrew said.

“You have to do something about it, and soon!” Michelle said.

“Of course, but all we can do is look out for strange events and try to grab it,” Andrew said.

“I see,” Michelle said.

“Definitely,” Jodie said.

Taylor Mansion
“Quake!” Steve called out.

“Oh, No!” Brittany shrieked as she dived beneath the table, followed by her brother, Brian and Step-mother, Ashley Amber.

“This is really bad!” Steve said after the quake had gone.

“There doesn’t appear to be any damage,” Ashley Amber said.

“There still may be damage elsewhere in the house!” Steve said.

“Of course,” Ashley Amber said after a moment. She left the living room.

“I hope it doesn’t happen again!” Brittany said.

“Same here, Sweetie,” Steve said.

Rowe Residence
The Quake struck, and Elizabeth went to the nearest doorframe. ‘Oh! Why do I tolerate Anastasia’s friendship with that Sandi!’ she thought.

Schloss Morgendorffer
Helen, Jane, Daria and Quinn re-entered the kitchen. “Thankfully, there isn’t any damage upstairs or in the attic,” Daria said.

“It mustn’t have been very strong,” Quinn said.

“There’s no apparent damage in the basement,” Tananda said.

“Nor in the garage,” Trent said.

Joey came in through the sliding door; “Nothing is missing on the outside,” he said.

“It mustn’t have been very strong,” Helen said.

“We got away lucky,” Daria said.

“Indeed we did sweetie,” Helen said.

“May I continue now?” Quinn asked.

“Certainly,” Helen said.

Quinn continued her description of the day.

Elias and Shannon continued their pursuit of Daniel after the quake had gone. Elias took out the walkie-talkie. “Elias to Judith, any ideas how wishing for a quake would work?”

Really, Elias? This lab is now a mess!” Judith said.

“Sorry,” Elias said.

It could be anything from induced vibrations to magma currents, give me time to think about it,” Judith said.

“OK, just keep me informed, Elias out.”

I’ll let you know,” Judith said.
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