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Re: Feline Follies

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I figure many of us are cat lovers, so I thought I'd create a thread where we can all congregate, post pictures of our adorable cats and express our love for them.

I'll start with my two feline friends. They're mother and daughter, by the way. The Birman is the mom.

Sleeping a cold winter night off in their special winter residence:

Grooming time:
Aww... . Especially the second picture.

I have two cats at home myself, ones a tiger, whose named Jupi and the others a long haired mix named Zelda.

They're pretty well behaved around one another for the most part, but they do play fight every so often. Jupi is for the most part, Zelda's step mom, since her real mom and grandma rejected her .

That said, I truly appreciate the both of them in my life. They're two of the nicest and sweetest kitties that you could ever meet.
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