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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Worse, alternative question is whether the apparent huge increase in villainous heroes expresses a newly unashamed imperialist ethos? That may be a more useful question.
I think it's more an artifact of the increasing pose of faux cynicism that came upon us in the Reagan Era.

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I don't think of changes that are driven by economics and technology as being "fashion," which I associate more with the efforts of individual artists - more idiosyncratic than what's happening in TV, which is driven by rational and impersonal factors.
Fashion is driven by many factors, including economics and technology. Cheap gas spurred the car culture of the 50s. The Internet spurred almost infinite new fashions.

High fashion in the clothing industry is not driven by technology and it operates in defiance of economics, with clothes being displayed on catwalks that no human would ever want to wear in public. A few individual designers have an outsized impact on high fashion, and they deliberately orchestrate changes from one season to the next in order to create demand. That's "fashion," but that's not very parallel to anything going on in the TV business.

But at this point, we're just quibbling over semantics. If you want to define "fashion" as any sort of change over time, whatever the cause, then fine - that's defining the term so broadly as to sap it of any meaning.
No, because that's exactly what fashion is. The "high fashion" definition is meaningless because it's not part of popular culture; nobody, as you said, wears those designs. Fashion is defined by peg pants or bellbottoms, thin ties or wide ties, long hair or mohawks. Things that happen in the real world.

And if there are future trends in the offing that will make TV do a 180 back towards the episodic structure, I can't envision it. The long term trend will be towards more individualization - YouTube is the future. Serialization vs episodic structure will become a moot point in a world of piano playing cats.
I never said anything will do a 180. I said it will be different.
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