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^I WAS getting good at that, but somehow I've already lost the knack. Probably too much time playing as either a vanguard or an engineer.

As for the packs, it's really not so bad. For one thing they only cost 5000c for the recruit pack and 20,000c for the veteran. Considering that I usually make around 15,000 per round, I find I'm buying vet packs fairly regularly. As for the contents, it's not really *that* random. I mean you're always guaranteed to get some of the basic consumables (rockets, medigel, etc), plus a few one-use stat-boosters and either a weapon upgrade or a new character. Its only been a few days and already I've accumulated a quarrian engineer, the drell vanguard, and the turian sentinel characters as well as the mattock, revenant, tempest, viper, phalanx, scimitar and the claymore.

Actually the recruit pack is fairly reliable at getting upgrades for the small arms. My shuriken is already up to model IX and I think my predator is a VII or an VIII. Look at it this way, you can think of it as adding to the roleplay dynamic. There's a war on and supplies a strained. you have to take what you can get.

Tell you what is bugging me though; no radar. Yesterday I got snuck up on by a damn Atlas! Oh and there's this weird bug which makes some of your abilities drop off the quickbar. Anyone else run into that one? I think it only happens when you switch classes between rounds.
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