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Re: Does It Get Better???

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the real problem is that it is impossible to recreate a dead person because the information is lost. No superadvanced technology is going to do that. (The late but unlamented series Caprica screwed up on this point as well.) This is by the way why the Doctor only works as a comic figure and why all the seventh season episodes trying to develop his character seriously all fail.
I was going to point this out, but you did it for me. And the difference between this episode and Caprica is that on Caprica, Zoe's avatar program was a complete download of her mind (much like Dollhouse... except for Tamara, who shouldn't have been sentient either. She was kind of thrown by the wayside, though, in the final episodes). Crell Mosset is a creation from a few published works and an extrapolation of his personality from public speeches he gave. Unless he's a complete idiot, any public speeches he gave would not have him acting like an ass.

If you want to see an example of an episode that created a specialized hologram that was done WELL, I point to Leah Brahms from TNG: Galaxy's Child. The real Leah Brahms ended up being nothing like her hologram, because Geordi programmed the hologram with incomplete information. So why is Crell Mosset so much like his real-life counterpart?

The reason I don't like this episode is because the premise is flawed from the start. They took an episode that COULD have been great with the concept of the parasite alien, and instead made it completely dumb by force-feeding a moral quandary down our throats.

That, and because the alien prop was so utterly ridiculous, the rest of the episode suffered.
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