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Re: Does It Get Better???

There are quite a few people who like this episode. And some number dislike the episode only because they disagree that Janeway shouldn't have forced Torres to get well, or that the data shouldn't have been erased.

The notion that a hologram is a materialization of a real person is the starting premise of the story. As noted it contradicts the failure of the effort to produce another EMH, but the real problem is that it is impossible to recreate a dead person because the information is lost. No superadvanced technology is going to do that. (The late but unlamented series Caprica screwed up on this point as well.) This is by the way why the Doctor only works as a comic figure and why all the seventh season episodes trying to develop his character seriously all fail.

On a moral level, I dislike the implication that Nazi medical experiments produced any knowledge whatsoever. They were purely exercises in sadism, falsely justified as science.
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