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Re: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow Review Thread

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Off on a tangent, in one of the other threads I raised an idea re the feasability of one of the convention groups getting some Trek authors together in the UK. For a start there's you, David A. McIntee and Una McCormack - are there any more British authors ? If we could get a couple of Americans too we would be in business...

Have you ever been approached and would you be interested ?
Actually, Dave and Una and me were all at a UK SF event last year (Redemption 2011)...

I'd love to talk Trek at a convention; any organizers out there, feel free to get in touch!

In fact, if anyone wants to see me, I'm appearing at the Olympus 2012, Alt.Fiction and 11th Hour conventions over the next few months.

Re: British writers - Along with myself and the aforementioned Una McCormack and David McIntee, there's also Peter Moorwood (Rules of Engagement), Dan Abnett (ST Early Years comics), Ian Edginton (ST Early Years comics, SCE), Mike Collins (SCE)...
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