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Re: Feline Follies

YorkieDixie wrote: View Post

This is my six and a half month old kitten Dusty who's a Russian Blue
You have a Russian Blue? I love Russian Blues! Well, I love all cats, but this is one of my favorite breeds, along with the Abyssinian, Maine Coon and Egyptian Mau.

Miss Lemon wrote: View Post
Your cats are magnificent, Alienesse.

I live together with two cats. When this picture was taken, they were still living with their brothers and sister:

When she's staying over, it's still a favourite spot of hers:
Beautiful! I'll post some kitten pics myself later.

All of your cats are beautiful, guys! I'm so glad I started this thread.

Tora Ziyal wrote: View Post
Alienesse, the blue eyes on your Birman are amazing!
Yes, they are. I've had her for a few years, but I can never get used to those stunning blue eyes. Can you believe she's actually a found cat? She showed up one day in my back yard, emaciated and scared. She also looked like she had recently had kittens. Obviously someone had abandoned her. I tempted her with a little food and she's been with me ever since.
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