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Re: Does It Get Better???

"Nothing Human" is an illogically written piece of horsesh*t in my opinion. Nothing about it makes sense to me whatsoever

-The doctor made a hologram of self-aware, sentient hologram at the touch of a button when Harry basically admitted it couldn't be done in "Message in a Bottle" when they failed miserably to even make a basic EMH. Why doesn't the Doctor just expand his program like we know he can?
-B'Ellana and the Maquis were acting like complete and utter morons, getting worked up over a hologram
-Why doesn't the Doctor just change the appearance of the hologram when he sees how its bothering the idiots around him?
-Why does the hologram suddenly develop all these "eevvilll" traits based on some biographical data from the computer?
-Why the hell does the Doctor delete the information just because it was gained through nefarious means? Shouldn't that also mean they should prevent Seven using any of her expertise that the Borg learned through assimilation? His act at the end totally goes against everything he's been saying the whole episode, and it basically destroys the episode for me beyond redemption.

It should be noted though that not everyone hates this episode. SFdebris gave it a 7/10 which is probably the most surprising score I've ever seen him give an episode.
Personally I think it was trying too hard to shoe-in some kind of important message about medical experimentation but forgot to make it make sense.

Also I don't see how it was "wasted potential" not to have Crell Moset be a recurring character...that would have made no sense whatsoever.
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