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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I thought the moral dilemma was rather trite and artificial myself.

We all know the Naz...excuse me, I mean the Cardassians...did horrible things to the Je...Ga...Pol...Bajorans, but how does it honor the sacrifice of those who were killed to simply discard any medical advances that may have been discovered, advances which could save who knows how many people? Just because a discovery was made through unethical means doesn't mean that putting that discovery into practice is unethical. The problem is the means, not the ends.

Frankly, if anyone can learn anything from however I might end up dying, I would consider it an -honor- if it was used to save other peoples' lives, and a dreadful, dreadful waste if whatever had been learned was lost.
But the Cardassians weren't caught, or they were creatively ignored at the very least. If the Nazis had managed to keep the origins of their medical science a secret, no one would mind using it...

When Voyager returned him do you think that they pushed their conclusion that Gul Mossets findings had to scrubbed for EVERY Federation data base no matter who was in the process of being treated with his findings?

Starfleet would tell Janeway to re-include the data with her ships database, and if handshaking between ships and starbases work like I think they do, Janeway wouldn't have any choice in the matter because every star ship she met would be trying to force that information back onto her.

She could be court-martial if she persists in trying to remain ignorant to something her superiors demand she is cognisant of...

Imagine an Amish lad Joins the US Army because he''s patriotic, but refuses to use any weapons or tools created after 1820?

In a fish bowl Janeway can make these decision which will just simply not stand when she returns to the Federation.
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