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Re: Your Love For Amok Time !!!

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The challenge was a surprise to Spock, it wasn't anticipated. T'Pring and Stonn knew it was coming, perhaps T'Pau too, but not Spock. This leads me to think that the challenge is unusual occurance in the typical Pon Farr ceremony. So if Spock had tried simply running, he would have dropped dead at some point.
SPOCK: This is the land of my family. It has been held by us for more than two thousand Earth years. This is our place of Koon-ut-kal-if-fee.
MCCOY: He called it Koon-ut what?
KIRK: He described it to me as meaning “marriage or challenge.” In the distant past, Vulcans killed to win their mates.
This exchange implies that the challenge is an ancient practice, seldom done in modern times.
“All the universe or nothingness. Which shall it be, Passworthy? Which shall it be?”
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