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Ian Keldon
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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

I for one consider myself very lucky indeed to have access to such excellent "parts boxes", seeing as how I do not have the time or talent to "draw" my own from scratch.

Starfleet vessels tend to have characteristics in common much of the time (saucer, nacelles, 2ndary hulls, etc), which is a plus. I think I've managed to put together some unique configurations here with several of my efforts, and at least tried to put my own "spin" on the ones that are "variations on a theme" (Connie refits, etc).

If you disagree, that's your own opinion, and you're entitled to it. There are plenty of other threads for you. All I ask is that you leave mine to my work and those who DO enjoy it.

On to tonight's entries:

2250s refit Durance class frigate

and the SS St Christopher (ex USS Erikson), a demilitarized Vespucci class scout

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