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Re: Your Love For Amok Time !!!

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Vulcan society is dumb and the whole story illogical.
Vulcan society has a place in itself, for something that Vulcans have no control of.

there was a telepathic bond thingy, which turned out to be totaly pointless, since Spock got rid of pon farr when he 'killed' Jim and haven't even touched T'Pring at all.
Watch the episode again. Spock went into the blood fever only after T'Pring issued the challenge, before that he was semi in his right mind, admittedly driven by psychological compulsions. If there had been no challenge, I believe there would have been no blood fever.

After he killed Kirk, the blood fever disappeared rapidly.

As far as the remainder of the Pon Farr, obviously Spock didn't die. So between returning to the assigned place, meeting T'Pring, doing the mind meldy thing with the elder, observing the rights, somewhere along the line Spock satisfied the conditions that resulted in he not dying from Pon Farr.

If he really married T'Pring and then jumped with her behind the nearest bush
I'm pretty sure that Vulcans have houses. And never did anyone state that Pon Farr was about sex, Spock said "take a wife."

When some physical activity, like fight or so, was enough, he could have cured it just by running ...
The challenge was a surprise to Spock, it wasn't anticipated. T'Pring and Stonn knew it was coming, perhaps T'Pau too, but not Spock. This leads me to think that the challange is unusual occurance in the typical Pon Farr cerimony. So if Spock had tried simply running, he would have dropped dead at some point.

And why it should be necessary to kill Jim?
Spock fought the designated champion to the death, it really didn't matter who it was.

T'Pau mind-melded with him, and then he got mad,when 'koon-ut-kal-if-fee' was said.
No, Spock as in the same mental state afer the mind meld as he was when he enter the temple.

Although I suspect that it was the mind meld with T'Pau that turned off the "death countdown" in Spock's body.

A woman as a goddamn PROPERTY of someone else? WTF?!
The tradition of the father giving away his daughter at her wedding, has its roots in the fact that daughters in olden day were considered part of their father's property. This is also where you get asking the father for the girl's hand in marriage.

A woman as someone else's goddamn property. It's pretty obvious that formal language was being used, and that a ceremony was taking place. A traditional ceremony.

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