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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Noob here. if this has already been discussed, sorry. But I wasn't going to read through 1218 posts. Anyway, I just started playing. My question is, Is this all there is? So far, it's just been battle after battle. I really thought there would be some exploring and discovering. I'd love an opportunity to really check out the Star Trek universe. So far, it's only been battle after battle, either on the surface, or in space.
I know that I'm still at the very beginning, but wondering if I should stick at it.
The main Featured Episode missions are always going to have lots of combat. Personally, most of the interesting stuff I have discovered so far laid off the beaten track. Go visit the Wolf 359 memorial, have a walk on Vulcan, go to Bajor just to see what's there, have a short vacation on Risa. And when I get really bored, I just pick a random star and see what's there. So far, I have been pleased with what I have discovered.

The Foundry is another good place to find interesting stuff to do with the caveat that you stick with the top-rated missions.
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