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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Thanks. I don't mind a mix of action with everything else. Just not to the exclusion of all else. I'll keep at it. It is frustrating to learn a new game, especially at my advanced 40-somthing years. My 13 year old son - who is not even a Trek fan - started playing it, as well, and he's been giving me pointers on how to control the game, and stuff. I hope playing for freeI won't be excluded from too much of the game.
I'm 46, and I'm a meh player with a silver account.

The doff system adds in a small part, that trek feeling that just battle after battle doesn't capture.

Some of the Featured Episodes, while combat intensive, also include small parts of non-combat.

And the nebula exploration missions include scan five X (space anomalies in space and assorted scan five artifacts on ground) missions, aid the planet (though rewards have been nerfed) and a couple more of missions that don't include shooting anyone .
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