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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Heh, who's to say there was only one Changeling on Defiant at the time?
Ooh good point! That would have been a more ominous ending too. Although my boring thought was that as we saw that Changelings were on Earth during Homefront/Paradise Lost, it would be easy for one to get access to Starfleet records.

I like this episode. I think the wirters did well with it considering their plans were changed by Paramount.

I sort of wished we could have had what the writers intended for season four. Don't get me wrong I love Way of the Warrior and Worf, and I loved that the Klingon/Federation conflict is a result of Dominion meddling. It all links up so well in season five, but I can't help but feel we were robbed of something that would have developed the Dominion in a different way.

It's hard to imagine what would have replaced season four though. It was a very consistent year, with lots of good episodes.
Aren't you just a little bit curious?
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