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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Noob here. if this has already been discussed, sorry. But I wasn't going to read through 1218 posts. Anyway, I just started playing. My question is, Is this all there is? So far, it's just been battle after battle. I really thought there would be some exploring and discovering. I'd love an opportunity to really check out the Star Trek universe. So far, it's only been battle after battle, either on the surface, or in space.
I know that I'm still at the very beginning, but wondering if I should stick at it.
There are some exploration mission you can do, they range from battles to collecting samples of rare flowers from planets surface. There are some diplomatic missions also, where you have to actually do some problem solving(of sorts).
There are some missions also among the storyline missions, where you heal the sick or search something, that are more adventure oriented though they do also evolve some action parts sometimes, too.
I know that the game is action heavy and that is not something we saw constantly on Trek shows but I think it is much more difficult to make game without action.
Naturally it would be nice if there would be more adventure and plot driven missions(though I do not mind the action myself), maybe we get those in the future.
Maybe you should still play the game further. It gets more fun when you get new ships and I think many of the story lines are quite good.
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