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I thought Yar was just as uninteresting in Yesterday's Enterprise as she was in Season One. Skin of Evil should have been her last appearance on the show, IMO.
And don't even get me started on Sela. I don't know who's idea it was to give Tasha a half-human and half-romulan daughter that looks EXACTLY like her mother. Did they seriously think that fans were going to buy it?
I could be wrong but I think I read years ago that it was an idea that Denise Crosby came up with and presented to the producers/writers.
I remember an interview where she's laughing and talking the whole way through about what a sleigh ride her time on TNG was about (without sarcasm) "ALL the fun things things they did to her" including casting her as her own daughter.

So, did they do it to her, or did she do it to herself?
I would guess that she did it to herself. After TNG took off she probably wanted to get back in the spotlight, so I'm guessing she asked to return to the show.

...just did some digging, and found this on the Wikipedia article for Yesterday's Enterprise...

"Stillwell also met Denise Crosby, who had played Tasha Yar in the show's first season, at a 1989 fan convention in San Jose. Over dinner, Crosby admitted she missed being part of the show and suggested that Stillwell could write a script to bring her character back, who had been killed off in the episode "Skin of Evil"."

There ya go...
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