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Re: Earth Final Conflict: Season 5 - Best Episodes

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Why was Season 5 of EFC so bad? I mean, obviously a lot changed from Season 1 to Season 2, but frankly there were big chunks of Seasons 3 and 4 which were not bad at all. Good even.
Honestly, season 5 just felt like no one was bothering to put any effort into the show. Like I said above, half the time it was just "Atavus Hybrid Chamber of the week" in which Renee travels to various laocations like a hospital, health spa, high school, whatever to destroy an Atavus Hybrid Chamber and thus foil the evil Atavus plans for another week. The episodes weren't entertaining and a times copied stories previously done in EFC. I ain't talking taking a premise from season 1 and offering a different spin on it, there was one season 5 episode which I swear was the exact same story as the previous week's episode. The episodes were largely predictable and their "plot twists" were so obvious that the only people who would have been surprised were people who missed the beginning of the episode. And two clip episodes.

Really, I think it came down to all the story arcs were reolved in season 4, but since they had to do one more season they just said "to hell with it" and threw any old random crap to fill time.
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