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Re: The highlights of Nemesis

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One of NEM’s myriad flaws is that it seems to forget Picard’s sobbing in GEN that “There will be no more Picards.” Shouldn’t there have been signs of hope, love, relief, something positive on his discovery that there actually is another Picard? It would have been a satisfying way to wrap up the TNG saga if a redeemed enemy became the vehicle by which the Picard family got new life.
Excellent point.

The TNG films really needed something to tie them together as one saga. A character arc for Picard and/or some of the other characters would have benefited the films a lot. Instead, each film just feels like its own stand alone story.
Picard was constantly shagging Anij in the meantime who lived on the fountain of youth planet. He no longer worried about that sort of stuff.

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Paramount wanted Insurrection to be the last one, but Berman talked them into making a 4th.
LOL. I highly doubt that. Berman has always been on the receiving end of the command chain. Paramount dictates what movies and shows are made and when.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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