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Re: Earth Final Conflict: Season 5 - Best Episodes

Why was Season 5 of EFC so bad? I mean, obviously a lot changed from Season 1 to Season 2, but frankly there were big chunks of Seasons 3 and 4 which were not bad at all. Good even.

So what happened with Season 5? Behind the scenes, that is.
They got rid of Liam. While he was mediocre, whatever "it" is that allows people to follow a series and get behind the lead character, the actor had "it". Some unknowns have it (Liam's actor did, the Highlander Duncan actor did), some don't. Renee's actress was ok as a mediocre supporting character or sidekick, but as a lead, she was really lackluster.

As big, they got rid of Da'an. Da'an and the actress under all that makeup and latex was really the bright spot for the whole show. No Da'an = no Da'an-Zo'or back and forth, which was as good as Spock vs. McCoy. It seemed like the actresses really had a fun time in those scenes.

Sandoval's lines/direction made him 1-dimensional. He had previously been 2-dimensional, occasionally 3-dimensional.

They brought back Boone for 2 episodes, and it was completely dull and not memorable. They brought back Zo'or briefly too, with an Atavus makeover. Yeah, forgettable end.

No Taelons, no ambiguous aliens that are somewhat manipulative of humanity while being slightly helpful, just the Atavus. Not the 1st kind of Atavus, not the 2nd kind of Atavus, but a new 3rd kind of Atavus that literally came out of nowhere (except for an ambiguous mention of 'The Others' in Season 4). Cheap rubber suits, neanderthal makeup, cheesy vampire premise, lead villain more obsessed with a piece of that bland blonde ass (Renee) than any grander agenda.

It basically lobotomized all the interesting elements out of EFC though did keep the conspiracy-weaving aliens plot generator for episodes. It did feel like "Renee the Vampire Slayer", which was funny because Buffy's ratings had declined since peaking in 1999, so trying to copy it in 2001 seemed a little weird. It kind of became the epitome of Tribunization and EFC viewers suffered whiplash from all the changes. Season 3 & 4 weren't bad at all, and rebounded from the unevenness of Season 2.
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