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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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That's why I hate doing the Cure. Apparently no one knows have to use their abilities, especially cruisers and science ships, who don't heal. Lately, I have only got the optional once in six times trying the Cure. The Cure used to be the fast and quick one, but now its populated by morons, who don't pay attention to the time. The last time I played the Cure, two cruisers, a science ship, and an escort failed to protect the Kang, with me fighting against the Cubes, and they blamed me. Before the massive fail rate, I don't die on the Cure nor normal Infected.

I only go on Infected Elite, and generally I get good PUGs. KA, I get too annoyed with the non-team work. I played with this one guy who let in four probes because it wasn't his job to destroy them. Apparently his job was to fight the spheres, self appointed.
Yeah, it gets frustrating. No one pays attention. I ran one more STF about half an hour ago, and they just kept getting slaughtered. There was a BoP, a BortaS, an Odyssey, a Defiant Refit, and myself. The BoP kept getting blown up every couple of seconds. The BortaS just couldn't keep up with anything, and kept getting blown up every few minutes. The Odyssey kept getting blown up because the guy kept going at the Borg cubes at the far end of the map without waiting for anyone else. The Defiant and myself were the only ones using actual teamwork to get the job done, and it was the two of us who bore the brunt of the workload. We still didn't get the optional, but the poor guy in the Defiant kept saying "hey! we don't need 3 ships defending the Kang! Get the cubes!" Other than myself, no one listened. Ah well, at least I managed to get the last EDC required to get my Retro STF borg gear. Yay!

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