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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Nope. You'll always go to the login screen.

By the by, I'll never complain about anyone griping about the Odyssey class again. I just did an STF where it was me (Excelsior Retrofit), a Defiant Refit, two Odysseys, and a BortaS class. These people didn't know a thing about what they were doing. It was Cure Space on Normal, and half the time I was alone fighting the Cube bases myself because everyone was panicking over at the IKS Kang. What's worse is we missed the optional by about 2 seconds, and I had worked my ass off to get it done.

The last straw though, was the carrier. I did about 90% of the damage, because the other ships were too busy flying around trying to avoid the BOPs, (and failing). So we get down to the last 3 or 4% of the carrier's health, and these guys just flake, I mean, they can't hit anything worth a damn. So I get all of the BoPs on MY tail, and no one comes to help. Instead, one guy keeps using the Eject Warp Plasma ability and it's doing nothing at all, and he keeps doing it over and over and over again.

Finally, right before I get the last shot, the BoPs all fire on me at once. Normally I'd be fine, but I'd just taken a bunch of torpedo hits, and before I could regenerate, *boom*. I got back just in time for them to make the last shot, and they only barely managed. I have a headache now. Jebus!

Oh, and the guy in the BortaS was destroyed 5 times during the carrier run! 5 TIMES! I've only died 3 times in the STFs, and all three involved players either leaving while I'm engaged in battle with the Borg bases, or abandons assisting me because something's happening to the IKS Kang. It's not that difficult!
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