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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Guy, please don't tell me you're a Wesley hater. Uh uh, sorry. We don't serve your kind here.
I was young enough when TNG aired that I could look up to Wesley as a role model, you know how it just wonderful how the teen makes the adults look like rubes. Good times.

It's the monkey sitting next to Picard I have a problem with.

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I thought Naomi Wildman was a fine kid character who added a lot to the stories she was in. I thought "Once Upon a Time" was fantastic.
I was old enough when Voyager started airing that I could see tiny children as adorable, like kittens riding skateboards.

besides, in Once Upon a Time, Naomi is only three years old.

That's a (*&^%ing hard core Three Year old.

"relatively" speaking.

Y'know, since when kes was three, she turned into a god in one timeline and had a baby with Tom in an other, and by the time time she was 4, Harry was her son in law.
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