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Re: Does It Get Better???

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If they had cut Harry and then brought him back for Timeless everyone would have been.. omg Harry is great, why did they get rid of him?!
And that's bad?

Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens, no one is going to be voting for him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Yesterdays Enterprise and Sela Yar were awesome, but I can't fathom how quickly a few more seasons of Tasha could have brought down the whole house of cards...

No one really "replaced" Crosby outright, like with how Polaski OUTRIGHT replaced Bev.

I wonder where Denise's salary got diverted to?

They just decided to reduce the cast, or did Dorn graduate into the majorsand his pay stubs swelled accordingly?

If Crosby stayed, Dorn would never have been made into a full cast member and intead leveled off as a colourful c-lister like O'Brien or Morn... There's a modicum of a chance that if she stayed on TNG, it would have been she who transitioned into DS9, and then she who married Dax.

(Imagine if the Season Four threat was Romulans led by Sela, and not Klingons led by Gowron. "Curzon told me once that in the long run, the only people who can really handle the Klingons are Klingons. Get me Starfleet Command." becomes "Curzon told me once that in the long run, the only people who can really handle women are their mothers. Get me Starfleet Command. )

Although, Selar should have stuck her head in for the last couple seaosns when DS9 was being all friendly to the Romulans for their alliance with the Federation against the Dominion was rattified.
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