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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Daniel y Ana. Found this on the Netflix streaming page. It was a drama about the aftermath when a brother and sister are kidnapped and the sister is raped.

Well, that's what I thought.

By the way, my policy on spoilers in this thread is that since the overwhelming majority of films listed are the ones widely accepted as serious drama or art films and the standard classic films, the ones I watch will be seen by no one else. Ever. So spoilers are not a problem.

The gag in Daniel y Ana, first of all, is that it is supposed to be a true story. This is disturbing because the kidnapping is not for ransom, but for sole purpose of making Daniel rape Ana. The usual arthouse movies' relatively static takes, silences, full body shots, etc. are used. There is very little scoring, beyond some randomly inserted sequences of Wagner. Siegfried I'm guessing but I'm not much of a Wagnerian, and I suppose I could have gotten that wrong. I'm afraid I couldn't be bothered to read the credits that closely.

The punch line to the gag is that Daniel is inspired to rape Ana without guns pointed at them or benefit of Viagra. Amazingly enough, Daniel is adept enough to keep Ana from screaming loudly enough to waken their parents! After this, Ana decides to move with her fiance from Mexico to Spain. The End, except for solemn paragraphs about the problem of underground pornography. We are also informed that Daniel and Ana never found out what happened with their sex tape.

If of course none of this had ever happend, then the forced rape sex tape wouldn't emerge. The whole thing seems very much like a somewhat perverse sexual fantasy, delighting in its lurid imaginations, while tacking on a puritanical, sex panic-mongering moral. The very upperclass life of the siblings is another indication. One doesn't want to make light of anyone sincerely upset over the supposed problem. But it would be much safer to just hire two prostitutes who resemble each other a little and call them brother and sister, rather than risk getting caught kidnapping someone.

Spoilers are especially not a problem for this movie, as it is best avoided as too dumb to bother with.

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