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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm starting to think about only running Elite with fleet mates.
Infected elite is totally PUGable... Don't expect the Optional, since most of the time some idiot blows a gen to early.

I only run it on Elite now.

Same for Ground, since I got the full MACO set (XI), it seems a lot easier.
A premade fleet team would be nice to actually get a shot at the optional.
I guess it would reqire a few runs to get the right rythm down.

KA space is also PUGable on elite, but can take a while if people are not really knowing what they are doing.

KA ground is the easiest STF of them all. Only Elite here. You cant even fail this one.

The only one I have as of yet not beaten at all on Elite is Cure.
Since there is always someone who thinks the same strategy as in Normal applys.
At first it seems as easy. But since most people fail to realize that blowing up a cube doesn't stop spawns but in fact increases them and results in waves of raptors and negh vars instead of BoPs this usuall fails about 5 minutes after the first cube blows.

And lets not talk about Armek at all, who is a pain on Normal anyway.

Its not the difficulty that's the problem its the asshats yelling at you that's the problem.
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