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Trek Quote Game

I thought it might fun to do a new quote game. I think we've done this here in the past, but I can't remember exactly what kind of rules it had so here's how I would play it. Someone will post a quote from a random Trek book, and people will have to identify the book. You can post one clue when you first post the quote and every day someone doesn't get it right, whoever posted the quote will post another clue, like the author or pub date. This will continue until someone gets the correct book and then the person who got it right will post a new quote from a different book.
QUOTE 1 wrote:
"Mr. Spock", she said, with quite composure, "someone must tell the crew what has happened. It isn't fare the make them find out through rumor, or the way Jenniver did. The way I did. You're in command now. If you can't-if you'd prefer not to do it you must ask someone else to."
Clue 1: It's a TOS book written before TNG premiered.
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