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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Yeah, i won't do a ground one otherwise, and getting sick of failing Cure Space with them. Infected at least they can't fail. KA gets infuriating when they fail the optional (it's gotta be the easiest one to get of the group). Last night I did KA optional, and one guy was just there farming, didn't play at all. i sat there at the end and waited, he came alive with 20 seconds left in the match and raced to grab "his" reward. Yay for the developers not fixing that! There's GOT to be some sort of kick option. Not manually, as the players would abuse it, but either a really short timeout where if you don't do anything, you're booted and replaced, or even better, a requirement that you have to participate to receive credit. Easiest way to do that is require that on a 5 man team, you HAVE to deal at least 5% of the total damage to get any rewards at the end. If everyone's participating, you'd expect 15-20% each, but 5% at least sets a floor if someone's a decoy, distraction, scout, whatever. Shouldn't be tough to accomplish.

Anyway, of the remaining 4, we split into two groups to start. Retards go flying back and forth, won't work together. I'm with a lightly-armed cruiser on my side, I recommend he guard for probes since I've got better DPS for the transformers. First time I've suggested something in a STF and actually been told NO over chat He proceeds to flail for a while, then rushes over to play the other side. with the 3 of them on that side, they still manage to let 7 probes past them, none on my side where I'm now alone. I work my probes, and clean most of the generators out. They fly by for a minute, knock the gateway down to about 50%, then everyone leaves to play the other side again! Probes are now coming 3-4 at a time, so I'm busy keeping up with that, while the 3 of them are arguing about probes, no one actually gets most of them, and they get to the 7 I mentioned. Eventually they get that gate down to low, and someone comes to help, but DAMN, about the worst possible experience in an STF. Was the only one there with a clue, they refused to listen to anything (i always pre-type the plan so I can broadcast it when it starts), won't work together, are in rainbow cruisers, and one guy just farming for the rewards.

Top it off, I got a cardie box (trashed), a useless console, and 2 EDCs. Yay?
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