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Re: Separate Crews for DS9 & The Defiant

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One thing that always bothered me that the same guys who ran DS9 operations also ran the Defiant. Yeah, for the TV show, guess the veiwer wanted to see Dax while on DS9 and when they go on the ship rather have Dax get script lines so she is also the ship's pilot rather than someone more qualified/intimately familiar with the ship operations. Guess the closest was with Worf...wasn't it mentioned that he sleeps on the Defiant and really commands the ship.
In the DS9-R we have Prynn, who - as far as I know - was just Defiant's pilot. And I had always assumed that the Defiant was set up specifically for the DS9 crew.
I guess now in the books, I don't know why they can't have separate crews. I wonder how many skills set cross over from station operations to ship operations.

Guess it still annoys me that Harry Kim is the Security Chief now Operations....and I think, "When the hell did he ever express interest, let alone get training in it?" And not only he got ship security training but leads landing parties firefights.
Yeah, I was kinds surprised by that too, but then I thought that maybe the ops officer got at least some training for all of the positions that fall under the Operations banner. Didn't we see Data and Kim working in Engineering in both series. And I think it's also worth mentioning that apparently everbody knows at least a little bit about flying the ship, since it seems like at one time or another we saw people from almost every bridge position. Didn't Beverly even sit at the helm for a few minutes in "Remember Me"?
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Indeed, Kira on the Defiant at all was often rather difficult to swallow, given that her position in the hierarchy of DS9 shouldn't extend to the ship, unless I'm missing something. DS9 is a Bajoran station, jointly administered by Starfleet, but Defiant is Starfleet property. If Bajor wanted to boot the Federation off DS9, they could, but they'd have zero claim to the Defiant. So surely if Kira's aboard it would be entirely in her role as Bajoran liaison, not as part of its command structure? Having her as a crewman seems degrading and having her in the centre seat feels like it should be causing intense legal headaches. She should be there to observe if she's there at all. I know no-one in the audience wants to leave such a good character behind when they go off on their missions, but it was confusing sometimes. Particularly when at other times the Defiant command structure seemed to be a more plausible Sisko-Worf-Dax...

And we didn't see other Bajoran Militia personnel aboard, unless I'm mistaken.
Yeah, the Kira on the Defiant thing has always kinda bothered me too.
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