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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I'm tempted to say that Harry should have gotten the axe instead of Kes, but then Timeless might not have been nearly as great.
Garrett Wang being cut from the show would not have precluded Timeless from still happening, considering it is a time-travel story.

Hint, hint.
I suppose you're right. It would still have to have been tweaked some, but you're right that they probably could have still made it work.
Could have made it work?

The scripts are interchangable 99 percent of the time.

You know except when the say Borg, or Klingon, but most of the Borg Stuff is identical to the Klingon stuff anyway, it's all about pride, fear and secrets.

Putting Kes as the lead in Timless would have been interesting if the writers had the tact to contrast and compare with Before and After.

"Whoah. What's going on here? This is not the future? This is wrong, this is not supposed to happen this way. I have to put things right."

Which starts a Cross-Time Kes-War.
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