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Re: Does It Get Better???

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It's not Seven or Kes that you have to consider, but instead Harry or Kes.

Imagine an episode where it's just 40 minutes of Kes and Seven taking turns brushing each others hair, and half one though Kes says to Seven "Do you miss Harry?" To which she replies "Who's Harry?"
I'm tempted to say that Harry should have gotten the axe instead of Kes, but then Timeless might not have been nearly as great. Playing a major role in my favorite Voyager episode ever scores him a lot of points with me. Kes, while in general much less unbearable than Kim, never contributed in a major way to my favorite episodes of the series.
One episode might not seem like a lot, but if it's your favorite episode of the series then it is a pretty big deal (and I am once again referring to Kim in Timeless)
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