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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Avery Brooks was freakin' EPIC as Joran. So, so creepy. I heard he was even creepier on the dailies, and they had to ask him to tone it done, so one can only wonder what the first few takes were like! But for all those of you who were curious as to what Hannibal Lecter would sound like when crossed with a Catholic priest ... well, now you know ...

Other than that, I was kind of "meh" on the episode. It was fun to see the other actors get to play different roles. Quark playing a female was of course milked for humor, and the others did a serviceable job as well. I really liked Kira as the first host, he mannerisms were great, letting you know this was a completely different person without being hammy. I do think Leeta being part of it was kind of out of left field. I remember reading on Memory Alpha that the writers had planned before this to establish that there was a friendship between Jadzia and Leeta, but they never wrote those scenes, so we just had to sort of accept that they were appparently close enough for Jadzia to ask her to do this.

I thought the whole Kurzon was in love with Jadzia thing was kind of wierd. As others have pointed out, how would she not know that already, since she carries his memories? And how does that work once he's reintigrated into her pysche or whatever? I did enjoy the conversation between her and Odo at the end, although they didn't really revisit how the experience seemed to have bonded them after this.
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