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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Yeah I quite like Facets. I agree that the rush through the start was a bit much, though. It sort of felt like they were obligated to give them a bit of screen time, as opposed to wanting to devlop them in a meaningful way. Especially since the revelation at the end about Curzon loving Jadzia being a bit odd since surely Jadzia would have his memories.

I loved seeing unhinged Sisko/Joran, even though that didn't jibe with his earlier appearance. It was fun seeing Avery letting loose, and would be a hint of some of the range he would hit later in the series.

I always find it a bit strange that Leeta was asked to be one of the temporary hosts. Hadn't she been in like one episode before this? Although I suppose that the station is on the edge of the known frontier, so it's entirely plausible that there's plenty of time for Jadzia and Leeta to become gal pals!
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