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Separate Crews for DS9 & The Defiant

One thing that always bothered me that the same guys who ran DS9 operations also ran the Defiant. Yeah, for the TV show, guess the veiwer wanted to see Dax while on DS9 and when they go on the ship rather have Dax get script lines so she is also the ship's pilot rather than someone more qualified/intimately familiar with the ship operations. Guess the closest was with Worf...wasn't it mentioned that he sleeps on the Defiant and really commands the ship.

Another thing I like about Vanguard is that Reyes never said, "Hmmm....gotta go see what is going on the planet.....everyone in the Vanguard bridge, meet me on the bridge of the Endeavor, we're moving out!!!!!"

I guess now in the books, I don't know why they can't have separate crews. I wonder how many skills set cross over from station operations to ship operations.

Guess it still annoys me that Harry Kim is the Security Chief now Operations....and I think, "When the hell did he ever express interest, let alone get training in it?" And not only he got ship security training but leads landing parties firefights.

Hell, even in the Navy, the Navy officer that runs ship security does not have the same skill set as a naval officer that "takes the beachhead" And if there is someone who does possess both skill sets, didnt just transfer into that position after serving numerous years in another area of expertise.

Yes, yes, it probably is a plot device, but I just wonder if anyone saw the same thing. I guess the argument that Checkov went from Navigation to Security, but when he was navigator he wasn't the Chief Navigator (unless an Ensign holds that spot). Even Sulu, wasn't he in Botany sciences for a while before he became the Helmsman. I don't think Sulu was the chief botanist on the ship.

Anyway, I guess I don't characters moving positions for plot devices only.
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