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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

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Yeah I gotta admit I'm not thrilled with that decision. I avoided Infestation. I hear Tony Lee is "consulting". I was hoping Roberson would do it. He's done a wonderful job with the Star Trek/LOSH crossover.
Infestation lost me when I realized they were crossing TOS with TMNT. I mean T-M-bloody-N-T.
Except that it didn't. Infestation wasn't really a crossover in the sense that Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes was a crossover. The Transformers didn't meet the Turtles, the Enterprise crew didn't have to battle Storm Shadow. It was more of a "Hey, let's have four series battle zombies!"

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Given the choice I'm quite happy Doctor Who wasn't involved in Infestation 2 which I'd expected to see.
Since it's dealing with Lovecraftian horrors, I would have loved to see a Doctor Who element to Infestation 2.

At work, we're hoping that Infestation 3 will be Mars Attacks!-centric.

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Tony Lee apparently has a cover writer credit so it may be more than consulting. He's done good work with the comic, but things did get a bit over the top near the end, what with the dinosaur companion and that bizarre Silent Night thing.
I loved the Christmas issue! That was, for me, a far better Doctor Who Christmas story than "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe."

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The jury is still out with me on the current DW team. I like the premise of As Time Goes By but I really can't see past the artwork.
I really like Matthew Dow Smith's work on Doctor Who. *shrug*

Issue #16, by the way, is the final issue of this run of Doctor Who. I'm not sure when IDW is relaunching the series. I suspect that the TNG crossover is simply replacing it on the schedule for its duration.
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