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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Just a couple of things to note if you're going for f2p.

1) F2P players will *never* get any of the veteran status and rewards regardless of how long they play the game.
2) F2P players start with fewer inventory and bank slots (I have no idea if they will reduce your inventory and bank slot if you go from subscriber to f2p)
3) No free skill respec unless you pay for them with c-points.
Yep, that's why I'm considering switching at the 600 day mark. The cost of buying VA ships for the remaining characters is more than the cost of subscription.

I'm not a starting F2P player, so if Cryptic remains true to their word about not taking away anything I've purchased, I should be okay. And to be honest, I've practiced good housekeeping so don't really need a lot of bank or inventory slots.

I don't usually use skill respecs unless they force me to. So not a problem there.


Like I said, just weighing the advantage/disadvantages. Right now, it looks like Cryptic is giving F2P players 95% of everything. Seems overly generous to me.
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