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Anti-climatic non-resolution to the Michaelson family reunion I knew it would.

Thanks to Damon unstaking Elijah, a vamp like Cole is loose as is Rebecca again. And Bonnie's mom is a vampire.

Thanks to Elena, who is almost as counterproductive to everyone's salvation as Gilligan on Gilligan's Island, 5 nigh-unkillable vampires are all still around to kill more innocents. (We might assume Finn doesn't kill, but who knows...maybe he hates what he is because he can't control it?)

Alaric...luckless chump.

Caroline: "She loves you, it's just that when you're trouble it's always Bonnie who always suffers."

Elena: "That's not true, Caroline. You've also suffered. I mean, you were turned into a vampire by my evil lookalike. You were tortured by your own vampire-hating father. You fell in love with a werewolf who became a hybrid and attacked you. Your dad died and then became a vampire and died for real. Now you've got Klaus obsessed with you."
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