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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Now i am reading one that is green and called STAR TREK ACADEMY : Collision Course, and the guy who played Admiral Kirk supposedly wrote the thing! with 2 helpers. I wonder how much of it he actually wrote.
According to interviews that Shatner and the Reeves-Stevenses have given, it's a pretty full collaboration; Shatner develops and writes Kirk's story arc and dialogue, the R-Ses mainly do the rest, but then they go back and forth and revise each other's work, and Shatner has the final say.

I remember back in 90s when i was a child seeing all these books called TEK WAR that he wrote at my library. I got one out but never read it. At least i dont remember it. I wonder if he had helpers to write that one too?
Shatner's collaborator on the Tek novels was the well-known SF author Ron Goulart. I'd imagine the working relationship was pretty much the same there, aside from Goulart being uncredited.
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