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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm a monthly subscriber. It's a difficult decision. I've been reviewing the F2P matrix and doesn't look like I would lose much by dropping my subscription. I already own almost everything I want for my characters already and Cryptic said they wouldn't take away what was already purchased.

The one thing that most of my chars would miss is the VA ship token, so may need to keep the subscription until the 600 day Veteran reward.

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Just a couple of things to note if you're going for f2p.

1) F2P players will *never* get any of the veteran status and rewards regardless of how long they play the game.
2) F2P players start with fewer inventory and bank slots (I have no idea if they will reduce your inventory and bank slot if you go from subscriber to f2p)
3) No free skill respec unless you pay for them with c-points.
I've been looking over the F2P matrix trying to work out if it's better to keep subscribing or just go free. What's stopping me really is the veteran rewards (particularly the loss of the Veteran ship token, although both toons that would need it so have an unused Bortas each).

The inventory and bank slots are an issue too (it would cost several monthly's subs to replace them on all my toons), but the respec isn't really an issue as I don't use them that much.
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