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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Did some maths earlier today and discovered that I can raise 2500 dilithium (sometimes more) just by doing DOFF missions on all my toons. Add to that the 75 dilithium you get from dismissing a white doff (I do this several times a day as I don't want to buy more slots) and you can raise quite a large amount just from the Doff system alone.

Also been mulling over wether to renew my sub next month, go f2p or LTS. Can't afford the LTS yet, so I might do a monthly sub for a couple of months or just f2p it for a little while.
I'm a monthly subscriber. It's a difficult decision. I've been reviewing the F2P matrix and doesn't look like I would lose much by dropping my subscription. I already own almost everything I want for my characters already and Cryptic said they wouldn't take away what was already purchased.

The one thing that most of my chars would miss is the VA ship token, so may need to keep the subscription until the 600 day Veteran reward.

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