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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Two more newbie questions:
1) Is there any point in keeping the ships you get early in the game?
2) Are shuttles ever used for anything, or are they just something to buy for fun?

There is no *requirement* to use the older starships, but some are fun to keep. The higher tiered ships usually have better hulls, weapon slots, bridge officer slots, etc... so they are better equiped to handle missions. I would say that if you have a *ship* refit, it doesn't make sense to keep the original. I bought the Excelsior Refit so I dismissed the Excelsior. When my science officer bought the Nova Refit, he dismissed the Nova.

** Before you dismiss a ship, remove all the equipment. **

My Engineer sometimes takes the TOS Constitution for a spin and my Science Officer occasionally takes out the Miranda.

I've been on two missions that required shuttle sized ships. One was the 3rd Featured Episode, The Vault. I don't remember the other mission. I like the Delta Flyer. It's a tough little ship. I also have the Type 8 which was part of the TOS package. I like the look of the Danube runabout but only used it once. Got spanked, so I just put it on the shelf. My Engineer has used the Delta Flyer against the Borg a couple of times with success. However, he's a VA with decent offensive and defensive powers.

As far as patching, they finally gave a weapon to the intruder that beams in at the end. However, many of my skills are still grayed out and the mission is still buggy in several areas. I think that most players have completed episode 1, so I think the devs should focus on debugging episode 2 before Saturday.

Okay, I think I'm up to speed on what's transpiring now. I read the Memory Alpha entries and dev blogs and watched a few clips on Youtube. Appreciate the suggestions.

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