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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

The whole Rick is a zombie sort of, doesnt really fit with the character though. He's always struck me as someone who'd do anything to protect his family and others. It seems more likely to me that if he'd been told by Captain CDC that he had the zombie bug, he would have either stayed in there to be incinerated, or headed as far away as possible from the group. And i doubt he would have risked infecting Carl through blood transfusions.

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Just saw "Rick" on Letterman, didn't realize he wasn't American, just how many are on the air now? I blame House.
We're everywhere. Your neighbour, two doors down? He's not an American, he's british. Your Doctor, Hank McApplepie? Replaced years ago by Rowan Atkinson.

It's all part of our secret plan to retake the colonies.
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