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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Did I miss a downtime announcement, or is this a bonus one? Website is down as well, so can't even go there to check.

They just took it down yesterday for a couple hours for maintenance and patching, how's it down again already (and since it's 3am in CA, doubt this was 'scheduled') Are they rushing things through without testing them enough? Maybe we could do patching once a week, and test it more beforehand? Or is the code really just getting that unwieldly and out of control, that they can't handle things without reboots every 15-20 hours, and can't do simple patches without it interfering with other unrelated systems?

Annoying, this is my 30-40 min every morning that i get to rotate the DOFF assignments on all my toons, maybe play a quick mission if it gets done quickly. Almost always see the maintenance announcements in the morning, but they are usually for around 9-10 am ET, so don't affect me as I'm working. Per the DOFFJOBS page, looked like there was finally a MIlitary Base mission in the colonial chain I'd been waiting a couple weeks to find...
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