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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Part of the FE series reveals appears to be a new tribble - there are reports that feeding Ketracel White (the refined stuff from drops, rather than the commodity) gets you a Gamma Quadrant Tribble.

Oh, and the DS9 bundle is now on the C-store. I would really go for the DS9 Admiral's uniform if it were separate...

ETA: Just re-ran "The New Link" to get some White - new Jem'hadar enemy types, and a special death animation for Laas!
I'd like to have the tribble just to complete my collection, but it's not a high priority. Feed the Ketracel to which type of tribble produces the Gamma Quadrant variety?

Don't see my self spending the money on the DS9 bundle. All my characters have the regular DS9 uniform. Not interested in the shuttle or other items. The only thing of interest is the ship interior. That would be cool for the chars that have the Defiant ship.

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