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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

^^ Most of my all-time favorite shows are episodic. Two of them are anthologies.

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I doubt we'll ever return to a TV environment where the episodic format predominates. All the trends are towards greater niche-ization of TV (and whatever you call it when "TV" is predominantly streamed thru the internet), which favors serialized formats for being better able to grab niche audiences while the episodic format is better for the casual viewer/mass audience environment. This isn't "fashion," it's a long-term trend being driven largely by technology.
No, it's definitely fashion and it's not driven by technology. In the publishing business, multi-volume novel series are more fashionable than short-story anthologies or magazines. In comic books, huge crossover epics have become the norm. Even movies focus on franchises over standalones. Not only does that trend carry over to TV, but it's also a matter of the option being available; up until relatively recently, it was a requirement that TV shows be episodic, with some rare exceptions. I find it hard to believe that after umpteen thousand years of storytelling, short stories will suddenly become extinct.
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