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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Trek wrote: View Post
Last night I achieved a new personal best - over 15,000 dilithium across two toons in three hours.

sonn wrote: View Post
Need some advice.

Recently made it to VA(tactical) and I'm thinking about splurging on a Tier 5 ship. Should I go with the Tactical Escort Retrofit or the Excelsior retrofit?
My Tac uses the Defiant Refit and I love it, but as J. Allen said, it really depends on your setup and what you want to do.
Yep. I'm a TAC myself, and I love the Excelsior Retrofit (though I also have a Defiant refit and it is fun!). My Excelsior retrofit lays down a lot of damage, and is great as a support ship, but can hold it's own when it has to take on an enemy by itself.

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