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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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If you set aside the half hour comedies, every show on that list is fairly heavily serialized. Heck even the comedies are more heavily serialized than almost anything before the late 1990s. You might disagree with the critics, but there is more or less agreement in the field that serialized is better.
Statistics are meaningless when taken out of context. In order to reach that conclusion, you'd have to show not only that the top-ranked shows are serialized, but that the lowest-ranked shows aren't. Otherwise you haven't demonstrated a meaningful correlation at all.

And that's definitely not the case, since there have been plenty of serialized shows that were just awful, such as Heroes seasons 2-4 and the V remake, or that audiences haven't found interesting enough to keep on the air for more than a few weeks, like Threshold or DayBreak. Serialization is preferred among most shows these days, so it's just as prevalent among the duds and disasters as it is among the hits.

Serialization isn't a magic bullet; like any other storytelling technique, it works when it's done well and fails when it's done badly. Too often, serialization is an excuse for lazy, unfocused storytelling with no direction in mind, or for dragging out a finite amount of story with huge amounts of padding, or for constantly baiting the audience with mysteries and questions but never giving them any satisfying answers. Format doesn't determine quality; execution does.
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