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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

10. Blood Simple (A-)
11. The Big Lebowski (B+)
12. West Side Story (A-)
13. The Hours (A-)
14. Lady and the Tramp (B)
15. An Officer and a Gentleman (B)
16. All Quiet On The Western Front (A)

We're a week or so away from the first potential silent film to win Best Picture since the 1st Academy Awards, and I just watched the winner of the 3rd ceremony, the second "talkie" to take the prize. I vaguely recall watching the 70s TV movie version of this story in one of my high school history classes (the teacher that semester showed a lot of movies; I think he just wanted to kill time).

Whenever one goes back to watch "the classics" there's an inevitable risk of disappointment, but I think this is definitely one that holds up extremely well. In fact, on a technical level, it rarely shows its age - the depiction of World War I would mostly hold up in a Hollywood film today (the depictions of injuries being the main difference, but they didn't have CGI or nearly the same skill with makeup and prosthetics). The camerawork is dazzling in places. The main niggle is that, this being the infancy of the talkie, acting in sound was in its infancy as well. Most of the performances, including the lead, are at least a bit hammy, and the dialogue tends to get very overwrought in "serious" moments. The only real standout is Louis Wolheim, who always feels natural.

Cinema: 4
Home Video: 10
Computer: 2
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